Succession Wolfgang Paalen et Eva Sulzer


Copyright and Consulting


The particular aesthetics of this Central European exile artist, his way of thinking and not least his life, recently have been of growing interest among artists, philosophers and historians; sometimes they are considered as explosive material and said to reflect, deconstruct, resume and perpetuate like little else the hidden spiritual legacy of 20th century modernism.

The materials presented here may give the opportunity to win a multifaceted insight into the thinking and work of Paalen and exchange further ideas to the interested public. On this basis, the chairman of the Wolfgang Paalen Gesellschaft, Dr. Andreas Neufert, offers his personal knowledge for the selection, organization and installation of exhibitions. 

As fiduciary Dr. Neufert represents the Swiss heirs of Wolfgang Paalen and his official legator Eva Sulzer in all aspects of authors and image rights.

As part of the advisory and certification service Dr. Neufert offers his unbiased written opinion about artworks by or attributed to Paalen for public institutions, dealers, auction houses and private collections on written request.

We keep a continuously updated catalogue raisonné of oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, sculptures and objects by Paalen, a collection of copies of books from his library, a continuously growing collection of copied, excerpted or original publications on the subject including the peripheral regions (periodicals, newspaper clippings, doctoral and master’s theses, tape interviews, video and still images), copies of large parts of his correspondence and personal notes from the relevant archives and collections around the world, as well as copies of Paalen´s published and unpublished writings (partly in German, English and French) from the different estates. It will be made digitally available in future. 

Great parts of this material has been published in various catalogue essays and books, especially:

Andreas Neufert, Wolfgang Paalen. Im Inneren des Wals, Monografie, Schriften und Oevrekatalog, Vienna/New York (Springer) 1999

Andreas Neufert, Auf Liebe und Tod, Das Leben des Surrealisten Wolfgang Paalen, Berlin (Parthas) 2015