In June 2015 a new biography of Wolfgang Paalen, written by Andreas Neufert, was published by Parthas in Berlin. It is a beautiful and inspiring book of extensive length, including notes and index more than 650 pages. It was well reviewed in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (In German) and other journals. Neufert spent some 20 years of his life researching the life and works of Paalen, but still a biography on an artist who chose openness and infiniteness as central subject can never be complete. Neufert traced notes, letters, diaries, photographs and artworks by Paalen which formed the nucleous for the biography.


Über das Leben Wolfgang Paalens erschien 2015 nach über 20 Jahren Recherche das Buch Auf Liebe und Tod von Andreas Neufert im Parthas Verlag. Einige signierte Autoren-Restexemplare sind Über die Paalen Gesellschaft erhältlich. Bitte schreiben Sie uns bei Interesse.

Link zur Bestellung über den Verlag:  Biography